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The purpose of this site is simple –

to acknowledge and thank the camp administrators for their invaluable work and their significant contribution to camps everywhere. The impetus for the site came from the desire to highlight the camp administrator's role in the life of camp. If you live in the camp world, then you have almost certainly been amazed by at least one camp admin's efficiency and grace as they work through incredible volumes (and breadth) of information. Camp runs smoothly in large part due to that efficiency, grace and organization.

We noted that it is not often that the camp admin receives public acknowledgement – by its nature, it is a bit of a "back office" role. Thus, we thought we would bring it to the forefront, even if for a moment, and publicly acknowledge our community of camp administrators and the individuals within. The Hall of Fame was born.

Being nominated publicly by a camp director or fellow staff is the part we love – we all want to know that our efforts are appreciated and when our teammates take the effort to do so, it means something special. The voting and induction into the Hall of Fame is the fun part, the icing on the cake. Someone will get a little extra spending money and a campership will receive an extra boost – that is great, but it does not compare to the power of the kind words and acknowledgement amongst camp teammates.

Be generous! Nominate and Vote!

Please contact with any questions or comments.

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