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Camp Administrator Hall of Fame Inductees

Karin Olson 2018 Camp Administrator Hall of Fame Inductee: Karin Olson

2018: Karin Olson

Calumet Lutheran Outdoor Ministries

Karin is not only an amazing camp administrator - she is an amazing person. During the school year she is a Special Needs teacher - she is also a certified foster parent. During the summer she shares the duties of administrator - her focus is on the campers. Each camper must write a "Letter to the Counselor" - Karin reads every one of them...she also looks over every health form submitted. She keeps meticulous notes each summer about campers and shares those notes with counselors the following summer. She has a very calming demeanor, which many first time campers find comforting. Her office is filled with kid friendly games, puzzles and toys - things to help kids if they are homesick.

Karin is all about the kids and making sure their camp experience is awesome.

It's an absolute pleasure to work with Karin!!

John Latimer 2017 Camp Administrator Hall of Fame Inductee: John Latimer

2017: John Latimer

Camp Seale Harris

John Latimer is currently our Camp and Community Programs Director, but prior to accepting this position in 2013, he attended Camp Seale Harris for his entire childhood. John served as a CIT, counselor and adult volunteer. He has dedicated his life to serving children with diabetes and making sure they grow up to live long, healthy lives by attending Camp Seale Harris.

He works with each family and knows them by name (which is pretty amazing since we have so many attendees)! He goes out of his way to make sure each camper and family member feels safe, welcome and appreciated while attending any of our Camp Seale Harris programs. John always has new and exciting ideas for activities we can provide for the campers outside of summer camp season so that the campers can stay connected and encouraged.

John is the most deserving person I know of this award - he misses countless hours of sleep, travels thousands of miles, works late, yet he never complains and always has a smile on his face!

(original nomination description, written by Mary Dixon)

Mary Beth Bradberry 2016 Camp Administrator Hall of Fame Inductee: Mary Beth Bradberry

2016: Mary Beth Bradberry

Camp Trinity - Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina

Mary Beth Bradberry, Camp Trinity Camp Director, embodies all that camp is and always upholds the values of Camp Trinity. Mary Beth is the sole year round employee at Camp Trinity and her commitment to Camp Trinity does not go unnoticed by her summer staff and camp family. In her 8 years as Camp Director, her interpersonal skills, way with words, and passion for the ministry of Camp Trinity are some of the ways she has helped allow Camp Trinity to thrive! Without her loving service to Camp Trinity, it is easy to see that Camp Trinity would not be nearly as strong as it is without her dedication and loyalty.

While Mary Beth began her journey as Camp Director in 2008, her story with Camp Trinity does not begin there. Mary Beth is a long-time Camp Trinity Camper, following her years as a camper she began working on summer staff during the 2004 camping season. She began her time on summer staff as a Cabin Counselor, and her last two years on summer staff were spent as the Program Coordinator. Mary Beth Graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Child Development and Family Relations.

In addition to her summer staff and educational experiences, Mary Beth's kind and caring nature is what makes her an amazing Camp Administrator. She always puts the best interest of her campers first, closely followed by the needs of her staff.

When thinking about the qualities that exemplify a leader, everything that Mary Beth is as a leader comes to mind. Mary Beth not only takes care of all of the day-to-day details that running a successful summer camp entails, but she also provides her staff with the tools that they need in order to be successful peer-leaders amongst fellow staff members and role models to their campers. She does not just tell her staff how to be leaders and role models, rather she embodies all of these traits daily and shows her staff how to be strong and effective leaders and role models not only in the camping community but also in the "real world". Mary Beth is the first to see the best in everyone and to lift each and every person up based on something that they do well.

Camp Trinity is a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina. In addition to helping our staff and campers understand what it means to be a part of this ministry, she is also constantly advocating for the ministry of Camp Trinity within and beyond the boundaries of our Diocese. The best interest of Camp Trinity is always in the forefront of her mind and I can confidently say that Mary Beth would do anything in her power to see that Camp Trinity continues to thrive for many years to come.

Mary Beth is not a leader that sits behind the closed doors of an office, rather she is an important and present part of all camp activities. Any former summer staff member would agree that it is an honor to be an employee of Mary Beth and Camp Trinity.

Any former summer staff member would agree that it is an honor to be an employee of Mary Beth and Camp Trinity. All of those that have been touched by the ministry of Camp Trinity would also agree that Mary Beth Bradberry deserves the honor of being inducted in to the Camp Administrator Hall of Fame!

(original nomination description, written by Arielle Pickrel)

John Bouwmeester 2015 Camp Administrator Hall of Fame Inductee: John Bouwmeester

2015: John Bouwmeester

YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camps

John is truly the CAMP BRAIN for YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camps! From the day he started, his calm demeanor, great people skills and wonderful ability to multi-task has allowed our camps to flourish. Honestly, we would not have such satisfied campers, families, staff, board and administration if it wasn't for John.

There are so many times that I will get a phone call where people take the time to compliment John. How he took the time on the phone to assist them with a problem or issue, how he is such a good-natured person, or how in the height of the craziness of the summer camping season - just like "Radar O'Reilly" from the TV series "MASH," John has already done the impossible and had it all organized before someone even asked for it.

John has taken our organization from technologically inferior to tech. superior! We are always moving forward with appropriate trends in registration and all the associated forms and materials that make camp tick. John has listened to both staff and parents and been able to respond by making our operation more effective for our customers and cost effective for our camps.

Lastly, John has a wonderful, yet dry sense of humor. He will say many things that will make us laugh or brighten our day, but sometimes we will have left his desk area and then laugh, because it took us awhile to get the joke.

John's family has embraced YMCA Hayo-Went-Ha Camps as well. His wife has been a super help to us at busy registration times, and his sons regularly volunteer to help out in many ways.

It is a joy to nominate John Bouwmeester for the Camp Administrators Hall of Fame! There is no one who is more worthy of the honor!

(original nomination description, written by David Martin)